Moor Market Identity

(In process) Brand identity and Way finding for Sheffield's newly built Moor Market.

The city of Sheffield in South Yorkshire has been home to markets for centuries, with the latest of these being the Moor Market which was recently built as part of a regeneration project on the outskirts of the city centre. This new market was built to replace the existing Castle Market which was outdated and cramped after over 50 years of service to the city. With help from partners. In 2013 Sheffield city council successfully relocated the market and it’s independent businesses into the new building, and since then the market has began integrating into it’s new location, which is on a popular thoroughfare between the city’s heart and it’s outskirts.
By relocating to the south of the city’s centre, the Moor market hoped to tap into one of Sheffield’s biggest demographics, a group that’s about 50,000 strong in a city of half a million; Students. However with more elderly customers than any other group, the market decided to look into their identity and try to find a way to encourage Sheffield’s student populous to frequent the market.
As part of the city’s ‘Catalyst’ festival of creativity, the Moor Market decided to approach young designers from the city to get involved with the branding of the market. The designers were asked either to pick from the branding and way finding of the market, or look at ways of getting young artists involved in projects within the market space.
As a group we looked at possibilities for a new brand identity for the market that would incorporate the physical elements of the architecture of the building, and also the redevelopment that’s happening around the area that the market was built in. We aimed to create a brand that would be more subtle than the existing one, stripping back the visual noise that’s in the market currently, and to encourage the stores within to shine through more without stealing any attention away from them.
We looked at the literal shape of the building from the front to try and make a logo that would be instantly recognisable as the Moor Market, and came up with the logo above, and some iterations of it that you can see below:
After working on several iterations of this logo, we decided to strip our ideas right back to their bare elements, which were inspired by the colours, shapes, and simplicity of the architecture. By making a logo that’s inspired and incorporated already into the Moor Market, it creates a seamless brand that will be as bold as the architecture of the building outdoors, but unobtrusive within.
We centred our designs around a simple geometric shape, and what it means to the market, from it’s incorporation in the architecture, to it’s symbolism as the supporting part of a hive. The Moor Market is different from supermarkets because of it’s role as a social hive for those that visit regularly. The shape and colour are reflective both of this hive notion and also of the architecture, creating a brand that reinforces everything positive about the market’s new home.
To go alongside the hexagonal logo, we chose to use a simple geometric sans serif that would reflect the modern geometry of the architecture, and again take a step back so that the traders in the market can let their own brands shine. We also set relatively simple guidelines for the typeface to ensure that it would always stay recogniseable no matter where it’s displayed.
The branding is still in it’s early stages, but will be completed over the next few months. We’d love to hear your opinion on what we’ve made so far and will be updating this page regularly until the project is completed!
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