Visual Translations

Part of the larger Visual Translations exhibition that was shown to encourage young people to find out more about the Linear A and B languages, See all projects at

The Linear A and B scripts are amongst the oldest written languages in Europe, with Linear A being the basis for the Greek alphabet. As part of a larger project called Visual Translations, I made a set of snap tiles using the Linear B symbols which I modernised and laser cut from perspex in colours that are reminiscent of ancient Minoan murals and pottery.
The perspex tiles are housed in a laser cut plywood box which is etched with the logo for my own project, along with instructions for playing the game, and also the Visual Translation exhibition logo.
Alongside the plywood editions, a special edition Olive wood container was made for the tiles to be shown in for the exhibitions in Sheffield, Heraklion in Crete, and Athens in Greece.
I developed the symbols on my tiles from those on the ancient Minoan stone tablets, and experimented with using clay to make my own tablets before moving onto making my symbols as neat and geometric as they could be. By making my symbols as uniform as they could be, I ended up with a kind of sans serif typeface that went really well with both the material and shape of my final tiles.
By using both the English and Greek translations of the Linear B symbols, my tiles were able to be understood in all of the galleries that they visited, by both English and Greek audiences, the images below show the tiles in situ in Heraklion, Crete, where the symbols originated from in the first place, bringing the project full circle.
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